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Who Should Use SocialCentiv?


If you have ever considered expanding your customer base through social media, SocialCentiv is just the tool you’re looking for.

SocialCentiv makes it easy to find and connect with new customers who are active on social networks. The software searches for realtime conversations for social media users who are expressing the immediate need for a specific product or service with intent to purchase.

Imagine that you’re the owner of a pizzeria – Pete’s Pizza – and it’s lunchtime. You can sign into your SocialCentiv account to see who is talking about getting lunch or craving pizza at that very moment.

You might see a conversation, pulled in from Twitter – from, let’s say, @PennyNichols – that looks something like this:

“It’s time for lunch, and I’m really craving pizza!”

That sounds like somebody who might like to visit your pizzeria! So you could reply to the conversation and include an offer, created in the SocialCentiv software, that Penny could redeem at your shop.

“@PennyNichols, it sounds like you could use a slice of pepperoni from Pete’s Pizza! Come in and get 50% off one slice when you purchase another. [Link to offer]”

SocialCentiv has just helped you to find a new customer and engage with that customer, encouraging her to visit your store with an enticing offer.

The benefits of SocialCentiv don’t end there. A couple of days after Penny downloads your offer, she will automatically receive an email incentivizing her to share your offer with her friends via email and social media.

As you can see, SocialCentiv is an invaluable tool for small businesses. Whether you’re a pizzeria, a hair salon or a dog groomer, SocialCentiv can help you grow.

It takes the time and difficulty out of social media marketing.